Vicky McGlynn

Trade Partnership Executive

How did you start in the travel industry?

When I was young, I loved going with my parents to book our annual holiday, sitting there for hours looking at the brochures – even back then, I was fortunate enough to travel with my family! Since then, I’ve always wanted to be a cabin crew member. But at five feet, I was too short. So, when I left school, I took an apprentice position in my local travel agent. I started making the tea, stamping the brochures and writing the hundreds of window offers. But this never dampened my love for crafting peoples’ dream trips; it only spurred me on to get as much experience as possible!

What do you like most about working with the trade team?

No two days are the same! I could be on the road promoting the brands on a Monday and then do a webinar on a Friday and everything in between. I’m so lucky that the trade team are one of the most supportive teams I’ve worked with – we work together to bring our ideas to life.

What does ITC mean for our trade partners?

ITC is like a family; each brand has its own diverse personality, and we can offer something for every single one of our trade partners’ clients.

What’s your favourite destination?

Such a difficult question to answer, as every time I go somewhere new it becomes my favourite! If I had to pick, I would go back to my European Sales Specialist roots and say Greece; it holds so many great memories for me, from family holidays to girls’ holidays and romantic trips. I love the food, the history and the people!