Our impact

Across the ITC group, we’re committing to making a positive impact on our environment and people.

Travelling positively

Our love for travel wouldn’t exist without our love for the planet and the people we share it with. So, we’re taking positive and meaningful action to make sure that we preserve our world and its beauty for generations to come.

We’ve partnered with Positive Planet to guide us on our mission to work together towards a better future for our planet. They’ll be keeping us on track with the decisions and actions we take for the long term.

From setting achievable goals for reaching Net Zero, to supporting animal welfare and protecting the mental health and wellbeing of those we work with, join us in our mission to travel positively.

Our commitments

We don’t just talk about making a positive impact. Find out more about our dedicated actions and goals to give back to the world we love to explore.

Our planet

Find out how we’re working towards becoming a carbon neutral company and see our animal welfare policy.

Our people

We’re committed to supporting people within our business, those who travel with us and communities in the places we visit.

Our charities

Our brands support charities and NGOs worldwide to make positive changes a part of our travel experiences.

Our responsible travel tips

We believe everyone can make a difference to travel sustainably and ethically. See some of our top responsible travel tips.

Positive Planet

We’re working with Positive Planet to offset our carbon emissions.

Positive Planet is a leading organisation in helping businesses take positive action when it comes to carbon emissions.