Our people

People are at the heart of ITC. We support the wellbeing of those we work with, travel with and meet on our way.

Caring for people

We believe that when we work together, we can create maximum positive impact in the world of travel. To achieve this, we’re committed to taking care of our people, both at home, in our office and when we’re travelling.

We aim to ensure that when clients travel on holiday with us that the benefits stay within the local communities as much as possible. We do this by creating policies to guide our people, suppliers, clients and local communities to embrace sustainability and to travel responsibly.

Supporting our team

As a company, we take responsibility for ensuring that the people in our business are supported and taken care of.

  • We offer fully hybrid and flexible working. We’ve also enhanced our employment package to include more family-friendly benefits and increased holiday allowance. This is to ensure our people achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • To support mental health, we provide an employee assistance programme and in-house training sessions for all colleagues. We promote positive wellbeing with fitness sessions and a social committee, along with development courses to help our people grow their careers. We recognise and reward our people for the positive contributions they make to the business.
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is important to us, too. We are committed to building a diverse team bringing together people with different experiences and backgrounds. We’re conscious to ensure every team member’s experience is fully inclusive.
  • In the local community, we spend time building partnerships with local education establishments. This helps us support the development of young people and offers them new employment opportunities.

Our people initiatives

We wouldn’t be ITC without the team we’ve become. It’s important to us that we not only empower our people, but that we take care of them in return.

Work-life balance

We support a healthy work-life balance with hybrid working across our business.

Mental health

We provide a support mechanism for our teams within our business to freely talk about mental health.

Social & wellness

We’ve set up a committee to make sure we bring our teams together and promote positive wellbeing.


We ensure all elements of a team member’s experience at ITC are inclusive

Development & recognition

We invest in learning and development across our business.


We work with educational establishments offer career development to young people.

Child welfare code of conduct

Keeping children safe is something we take very seriously. To ensure we follow good practice with any ITC travel experience, we’ve reviewed UN guidelines and recommend the following to clients who travel with us:

  • Ethical photography

Treat children with respect. Be sure to get permission to take a photo and consider the context. If the child is uncomfortable, the picture shouldn’t be taken. Be aware that when sharing photos of children, you must protect their rights and privacy.

  • Begging Children or child vendors

Giving money or buying souvenirs is not helpful. We understand it can be hard to say no, but supporting children earning money this way reduces the possibility of them being sent to school.

  • School & orphanage visits

Visits during school hours are disruptive to vital education. Instead, we support schools through our foundation charities including Child Aid and Pack for a Purpose.

  • Report concerns

If it appears that a child is at risk or in danger of abuse, we encourage it to be reported through local partners or authorities. We don’t advise confronting those involved – we’re here to support our clients if further advice is needed.

The ITC Way

We’ve invested time and resource into developing our own distinctive culture. This ensures all of our people are united by the same values – something we call ‘The ITC Way’.