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It’s important to us that we preserve our planet while exploring it. So, we’re working towards achieving Net Zero as part of our responsible travel initiatives.

Carbon Footprint Net Zero Plan

We understand that travel has a big role to play in reducing the negative impacts of carbon on the environment. To make sure we’re a part of the solution, we’ve partnered with the Positive Planet to develop a strategy for achieving Net Zero across our business.

You can find out more by reading our carbon emissions report below.

Our Positive Planet partnership

Positive Planet are our business sustainability partner. They work with over 250 companies of different sizes to help them get a deeper understanding of their carbon emissions and how to reduce them.

By helping businesses and organisations measure and mitigate their carbon footprint, Positive Planet encourages immediate action to avoid raising global temperatures above 1.5ºC. They help businesses implement actionable steps and establish an achievable plan for reducing carbon and becoming a part of the green climate solution.

Our carbon reduction initiatives

We’re not just talking about reducing our carbon emissions. We’ve already set up and planned several initiatives to put us on track to achieve total Net Zero by 2035.


We’re training people across our business on carbon literacy.

Renewable energy

Our offices and workspaces will run from renewable energy tariffs where possible.

Zero waste

Regular waste audits are planned across our business and unnecessary bins will be removed.

Reduced travel emissions

We’ve set targets to reduce emissions caused by business travel and commuting.

Procurement policy

An environmental aspect has been added to our procurement policy. We’re also aiming to buy local where possible.

How we’re helping

Sustainability is in our long-term future. Appointing Positive Planet as our partner was just the beginning of our responsible travel mission. We’re now fully committed to measuring and reducing our carbon emissions year-on-year using science-based targets.

On top of this, we actively support colleagues in low emissions travel with initiatives such as Cycle to Work schemes and journey sharing options. We’ve also implemented a ‘Green Team’ to share knowledge and support colleagues in our work to reduce our carbon impact, along with exploring ‘working from home’ support.


Animal welfare

Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is an unforgettable travel experience. So, it’s vital for us to ensure that we’re protecting the welfare of any animals our clients encounter during their travels.

Where possible, we make a positive contribution to the conservation and restoration of natural environments. We never knowingly support unethical wildlife experiences that fail to put animal welfare as their top priority. We keep to small group sizes when arranging wildlife viewing for our clients to protect frail ecosystems, and always use experienced guides who ensure a safe, ethical and respectful experience.

Our animal welfare policy follows welfare guidelines created by ABTA and the authoritative Global Guide to Animal Protection, for which we have a contributor to within the business.


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