Paula Hayley

Group Planning Manager

When I arrived at ITC back in 2002, it was my first job in travel. Before then, I worked in banking for 10 years, before moving to London where I took a job as a celebrity PA for the next five years. After moving home again to get married, my next job in the travel seemed a natural choice. Having already spent some time living in Brazil previously, I wanted to see more of the world.

ITC is all about the people. Everyone here is so passionate about travelling, whether working in the finance team or sales team. For me, it’s about the memories you can create, from the larger special occasions to the small weekends away. Exploring places you can only sometimes dream of with the people you love – these memories last a lifetime and are the reason I’m so passionate about travel.

One of my recent travel experiences was touring around Scotland’s North Coast 500 route in a super luxury motorhome. The constantly changing scenery was stunning, and moving day-to-day to the next wonderful location was amazing – some of the beaches even rivalled those in the Caribbean for beauty!

The destinations I’m most passionate about are Africa and the Caribbean. I spent my honeymoon on safari and would love to take my children to experience it. My family and I are also avid skiers so I think those mountains will be calling me too! My bucket list is very long – I’d also love to sail the Greek islands one day and hope to swim in both the Maldives and Seychelles.