Lisa Smith

Chief Operating Officer and Inspiring Travel Managing Director

I fell into travel by chance, taking up a temporary role for a newly formed entrepreneurial travel company 25 years ago just before starting my degree, and I’ve never looked back. I travelled to beautiful places with work so I could provide the best recommendations for our customers, and fell in love with travel. I met my best friends in this industry, and I have stayed in it ever since.

It’s so hard to choose my favourite destinations out of all the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. The beauty and authenticity of the Balearics, Greece and Italy make them such beautiful and easily accessible places to visit for holidays or weekend visits. However, the unspoilt beauty and sense of relaxation that comes from feeling so far away from everyday pressures (plus the fantastic hospitality and lovely activities for the children) probably has to make Mauritius a real favourite of mine. So far…

My favourite travel memories are actually mostly from when I worked overseas, helping customers in resort many years ago. It really taught me the value of making sure we can do everything to the best of our ability to make the customer experience the best it can be, despite any challenges. Holidays are so important to everyone – it’s the occasion when we get to have a bit of time out and relax with our family after working so hard at all other times. I’m so happy to be in a place where we can provide the top experience and the best service to anyone who’s looking for that really lovely holiday occasion, booked with people they can trust to advise, recommend and deliver the experience for them.