Di Selby

Trade Partnership Director

I joined ITC Travel Group in October 2020 to help shape our renewed focus on our much-valued trade partnerships and strategy. Having spent most of my career in commercial and sales aviation, I was ready for a new challenge, which is when I took on my current role as Trade Partnership Director.

Upon joining the team here, I was completely blown away by the experience, expertise, knowledge and sheer love of travel the team here at the ITC Travel Group share, something which I believe is what makes the whole company so special. I couldn’t wait to be part of it, to celebrate it and let everyone know how committed our team are to be the very best that we can be.

Of course, working in aviation opened up many opportunities for me to travel. I’ve enjoyed travelling across the globe, particularly west to the USA, Caribbean and Latin America. For my family and I, travel is about experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and seeing new sights, trying new foods and listening to local music. I once picked up a Greek folklore CD in Crete but somehow it just didn’t create the same vibe when I got back home! I’ll never tire of seeing ancient cities and sights of historical interest and feel so lucky to be close enough in Europe to indulge myself as often as I can. The team here can certainly inspire me.