Alexis Sharples

Marketing Director

I started working at ITC in 2007 after completing my Marketing & Tourism degree. Having always had a passion for travel and new cultures, ITC was a very exciting career prospect, and I knew that marketing luxury holidays was always going to be awe-inspiring.

We’ve created a real family culture at ITC. We genuinely care and look out for each other and it’s a warm, inviting, and happy environment to work in. Our diverse portfolio also makes us special. We deliver the whole world within our brands and our experiences are life changing with just one person in mind – our client. We enrich their lives and give them precious time together with their loved ones.

I’m really passionate about travel and experiencing different cultures to widen my lens on life. My last family holiday was Florida, where we watched a rocket launch from Kennedy Space Centre and took our toddler to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Barbados is another of our favourites, which feels like our home away from home. The Bajan’s are so welcoming, and the island is full of life and joy.